Animal Rescue

Barwick Animal Rescue Kennels (BARK) is an animal rescue center that we’ve built to a high standard. We ensure it conforms with current legislation, and that it will confirm with future legislation.

Animal Rescue: We’re Here to Help

If for any reason you cannot continue to look after your pet, and need assistance with animal rescue efforts, please contact us. BARK will our best to help re-home your pet while causing the least amount of trauma to all concerned.  Please contact us on 01289 306299 or complete the contact form.

Animal Rescue is Permanent

If you are considering giving up your animals for adoption, please consider the following issues. Relinquishing your animal to us is a permanent arrangement.   Once your animal is with us, we will care for it and find a suitable permanent home as soon as possible.  Although you are welcome to ring us to inquire about your former animal’s well being, you can not come back asking for them to be returned–it simply will not happen.  Please ensure you have explored all avenues before bringing your animal in for our re-homing/animal rescue services.

Additional Resources

If you are looking for a new pet, please check out our page Things to consider before Adoption and look on our Kennels Web Page.

BARK is a registered animal rescue charity and is always in need of funds to continue our aim of helping needy animals. BARK Charity Shop is a thriving online portal for purchasing used items, which provides around 50% of the funds needed to run the centre.  The remainder, we fund from our own fundraising events, Friends of BARK scheme, general donations, sponsored events, and grant application.

Please Donate to BARK

We need your donation and support so we can offer animal rescue services when it’s need the most.   As we re-home one animal, another appears with more expense involved. We ensure that we immediately provide medical attention to all animals that need it, and vets provide treatment where necessary. Others are seen during scheduled visits.  All animals receive routine vaccinations, worming and flea treatment.  All dogs, cats, and rabbits’ neutering procedures are conducted as soon as the animal is cleared by a vet.

BARK’s Location

BARK centre is situated at Windmill Way East, Ramparts Business Park, Berwick-upon-Tweed, TD15 1TU.  The kennels are open by appointment only, Tuesday through Saturday.